GSC Long Lunch #10







A Jockey, a Trainer, a Bookie and a Couple of Mad Punters

Richie Callender’s opening monologue set the scene for what was to be arguably the greatest GSC lunch to date. To try and describe his stories here would not do them justice – suffice to say that he had the crowd in stitches and will be welcomed back to future events with open arms.

After lunch, Richo facilitated a fascinating discussion from the panel, including some terrific insights from Jeff O’Connor regarding Black Caviar’s trip to Royal Ascot. Corey Brown gave an honest appraisal of his best mounts for the Spring (he ended up having a great couple of weeks) and Alan Eskander provided a fascinating view of the carnival from the perspective of the bookie.

Midway through the day, GSC Member Robert DiPierdomenico (Dipper) took control of the microphone and generously raised some additional money for the GSC charities. This was not on the running sheet and the additional money raised was greatly appreciated.

We must thank the below sponsors who all assisted greatly in raising money, all of which will be directed to assist disadvantage young people to access sport. As always, the Mirabel Foundation will be the primary beneficiary.

  • Lion Nathan
  • Spicer Thoroughbreds
  • G3 Events
  • Bet Star
  • Coldstream Brewery
  • …and of course, the loyal and generous members of the GSC

Where to from here? Standby for news regarding the next lunch in March 2013.