GSC Long Lunch #4







Welcome to the Spring

Firstly, thanks to the 170 members who attended – a new GSC attendance record.

Those present heard Dan Clohesy from the Mirabel Foundation describe some of the things that have been achieved through the GSC donations. Later this year, Mirabel will run a 3 day sporting camp for around 40 children. The camp will include structured football, soccer, basketball and cricket clinics as well as various fun activities. Each child that attends will also be provided with a sporting ‘show bag’, which will include a new pair of runners. This camp will be wholly funded by the money raised by the GSC over the past 12 months.

A very big thank you to Simon Madden who volunteered his services to MC for the afternoon. Simon reminded all that the GSC lunches provide a platform to achieve three things:

  1. raise money for a terrific cause;
  2. have a relaxing afternoon away from the office in the company of good people;
  3. a great opportunity to network and do business.

Simon certainly believes in the third point, as I woke up with no less than 12 of his business cards in various pockets.

Greg Hall and Alf Matthews then told markedly different but equally interesting stories of their racing experiences and took questions from the floor. Of note, Alf tipped the first winner on Guineas Day and also nominated Starspangledbanner as ‘extremely good value’. Any punters that heeded this tip the following day would have been wrapped as it collected the chocolates at around 16/1.

Most importantly, we are very pleased to advise that we raised just over $7,000. As always, 100% of this will go towards making sport more accessible for disadvantaged young people. In addition to the regular contribution we make to the Mirabel Foundation, we plan to purchase several GSC sports kits. These kits are a new initiative, we have learned that many not for profit organisations would greatly appreciate a collection of good quality sporting equipment for the children they support to use. Therefore, we have put together a sports bag full of various sporting equipment and plan to distribute these among various appropriate charities.